Dined 12/26/2013
Overall: 5     Food: 5 • Service: 5 • Cleanliness: 5 • Value: 5
“We stopped in at The Works for dinner and really enjoyed the happy hour appetizers. We split four apps and left the restaurant stuffed. Good food and great service!”

Overall: 5
“We had a blast today with our niece and son. A $20 game card lasted her close to 2 hrs. We ate prior to playing and had a wonderful meal. Our table was in the bar area and even though the bartender was very busy he kept up with the tables and didn’t miss a thing!! The prime rib was perfectly cooked and they offered a great little under 2 meal for toddlers, free! When we left my husband bought cupcakes and they were even good!! We will definitely be back :) ”    -Melissa

Dined 01/10/2014
Overall: 5     Food: 5 • Service: 5 • Cleanliness: 5 • Value: 5
“My wife and I visited The Works for cocktails and dinner. In the past we have feasted on the half-price happy hour appetizers, but on this visit we ordered entrees and we’re quite pleased. The chef has a great imagination for his specials.”

Overall: 5
“Best Pickles Of Any Restaurant!”   -Blake

Dined 01/17/2014
Overall: 5     Food: 4 • Service: 4 • Cleanliness: 4 • Value: 5
“The works is the place where each of my kids want to go for their birthday dinner. This visit we celebrated my daughter’s 18th birthday with some family and her friends. She had a blast!”

Overall: 5
“Food and service was great.”   -Eric

Dined 01/18/2014
Overall: 5     Food: 4 • Service: 5 • Cleanliness: 4 • Value: 4
“Great place to eat and relax while the kids play. This is a “Chuckie Cheese” for big kids/adults…only with MUCH better food!!! I often take my daughters here for a treat after a great report card. They have a ball, and I can unwind from the daily running. The best part is that I don’t have to cook or clean up after dinner!”

Overall: 5
“Lots to do…lots to play. An adult…n kids heaven….2 BIIIIIIG THUMBS UUUUUUP!!!!!!”   -Craig

Dined 01/23/2014
Overall: 5     Food: 5 • Service: 5 • Cleanliness: 5 • Value: 5
“The food and service were excellent. The onion soup was one of the best I’ve ever had.”

Dined 03/01/2014
“Thank you so much for having a reasonably priced and sized children’s menu!  We have a two year old and were especially impressed with the free two and under meal you offered.  My daughter also loved having her own meal brought to her.  We also really appreciated the many healthy options you had available at reasonable prices in general.  Most place, if they even offer fruit and vegetable charge twice what they charge for less healthy options.  We were also impressed that the fee for an adult to accompany a child in Ballocity wasn’t prohibitive, or worse, more than for a child.  We were able to have a fun afternoon out for less than we had anticipated.  Thank you!”  -Andy G.