Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you take reservations?
Bldg24 accepts reservations Monday thru Saturday.  The Works accepts reservations Sunday thru Thursday, and features call ahead seating Friday & Saturday.

2) What is the difference between a reservation and call ahead seating?
A reservation is for lower volume times.  Our goal is to seat all reservations at the time requested.  Call ahead seating is for higher volume times.  Our goal is to seat all call ahead tables at the time requested, however allowances must be made for the availability of a table and the length of the wait at the time the call ahead arrives.

 3) Are you hiring?
We are always accepting applications.  Whatever applications we have on-hand will always be our first resource for any job openings we have.  Appointments for interviews will be set up based on qualifications and positional need.

4) Do you make donations?
We consider all donation requests.  All donation requests may be dropped off at the host desk or submitted via email to mikek@gearedforfun.com.  Please be sure to include contact info as well as your 501C3 (tax exempt/charitable donation) information.


“Kids Party Packages” FAQs

(1)  What’s included with the party package? 
Ballocity admission for each child, 2 adult Ballocity admissions, 45 credit game card, your own designated party host, 2 slices of pizza per child, fruit punch and lemonade, set up and clean up, white tablecloth, white and black paper products, 1 ½ hours at your own table in a designated party area, unlimited time in the Ballocity structure and our game room.

(2)  Can I bring decorations?
Sure, balloons and banners are fine.  We do ask, however, that you do not bring confetti or “silly string”.

(3)  Can adults eat the children’s pizza?
This isn’t included in the pricing for the kids party package, however you can order a large cheese pizza for $12.99 and $1.75 per topping for adults attending the party.  Pitchers of soda can be added for the adults at a cost of $7 (4-5 servings). Unfortunately, no free refills.

(4)  Can we extend our 1 ½ hour time allotment at our party table?
No, unfortunately our parties are booked consecutively throughout the day, and this would cause our entire party schedule to be disrupted.  However, you do have unlimited time in Ballocity and our game room.

(5)  When do I have to pay?
We ask for a $50 deposit at the time your party is booked.  On the day of your party the $50 will credit towards your package and the remaining amount would be due based on the number of attendees and any additional food/beverage that is purchased.

(6)  Can I bring in outside food?
No, we do not allow outside food, , chips, or pretzels, to be brought into our facility.  You may however, bring in a cake or cupcakes at no additional cost.

(7)  What about toddlers?
Toddlers are admitted free to Ballocity with a paying adult.

(8)  How does the game card work in your arcade?
The game card is a swipe system – basically you get a game card (like a credit card), swipe it through the games, and credits are taken off the card to activate the game.  If you win tickets, these can be entered onto the card for later redemption.  Cards can be re-used each time you visit.

(9)  How long can I play games with my game card?
It depends how many credits are on your game card, and how many credits that particular game requires.  Some games can be played with just one credit, and other require multiple credits.  The 45 credit game card you receive with the base kids party package is normally adequate, but it can be upgraded with additional credits for a small extra charge.

(10)  Can more than 2 adults attend the party?
Yes, there is no charge for additional adults to attend, although they would need to pay separately for Ballocity admission, game cards, or food.

(11)  Can we order meals for the adults who attend a party?
Yes, although this should ideally be done as soon as possible so that we are able to serve the food within the allotted 1 ½ hour timeframe.