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B 2 1 Escapes is Berks County’s premier escape room facility. It offers three fully immersive and high tech escape experiences to choose from . These aren’t lock boxes and doors, this is about high tech puzzles and reveals. This is unlike any escape room you have done before. B 2 1 Escapes is part of The Works Entertainment Complex which includes The Works Restaurant, Bar, Game Room, and Ball-O-City, as well as Building 24 restaurant and nightclub, Slick Willy’s Karts and Eats, and Xtreme Air indoor trampoline park. Altogether it’s 125,000 square feet of fun, food, and entertainment all under one roof.

An escape game places participants in a room in which they have a designated amount of time to complete an objective such as escape the room, diffuse a bomb, etc. Participants will solve a series of clues and puzzles to achieve the goal. Many puzzles require players to work together to accomplish their task. Players are offered three hints that they may use at any time to help them along the way. It is a game of wits and strategy.