B 2 1 FAQ

1) When should I arrive?
You should arrive at least 15 minutes early. All games will start promptly at the scheduled time. If you are late, you may be able to start your game, but we cannot extend past the original end time. If other guests are scheduled in the room, you will not be allowed to enter late.

2) Will other people be in the room with me?
Unless you book all available slots, other guests may be placed in the room with you.

3) Are reservations required?
Reservations are not required, but are strongly recommended.

4) Is alcohol allowed?
Visibly intoxicated guests will not be allowed to play. Remember escapes rooms involve wit and problem solving, both of which are severely diminished by alcohol consumption. We encourage guests to refrain from alcohol consumption until after their experience.

5) Do you offer refunds?
All transactions are final and no refunds will be issued. If you find you are unable to make your reserved time, please contact B 2 1 Escapes to reschedule.

6) Are the escape rooms wheelchair accessible?
All three of B 2 1 Escapes rooms are wheelchair accessible. However, some puzzles may not be accessible to a guest in wheelchair. Dragon Spire will require a guest in wheelchair to exit the room and reenter through another door partway through the experience with the assistance of the Game Master. The Curse of Capt’n Scurvy is the most wheelchair friendly of our three experiences.

7) Can I pay by cash or gift card?
Currently gift cards can only be accepted in store. To make a reservation with cash or gift card, guests must make the reservation in person. Gift cards can also be used for walk in reservations.

8) Is there an age limit?
B 2 1 Escapes rooms are designed to be challenging for adults and may prove too difficult for younger guests. To ensure the enjoyment of all our guests, minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a paid adult 20+. No more than 4 minors per adult. To book children under the age of 12, you must book a private room.