The Gameroom/Arcade at the Works

Hours Of Operation

Mon-Thu: 11:30a-9:00p
Fri-Sat: 11:30a-10:00p
Sun: 11:30a-8:00p


Game Cards and Pricing:

  • Game cards are rechargeable (meaning guests can continue to reload the card with credits).
  • The more credits you purchase, the better the discount per credit!
    • $1.00 = 4 credits (25 cents per credit)
    • $10.00 = 45 credits (22 cents per credit)
    • $15.00 = 75 credits (20 cents per credit)
    • $20.00 = 115 credits (18 cents per credit)
    • $30.00 = 215 credits (14 cents per credit)
    • $50.00 = 420 credits (12 cents per credit)
    • $100.00 = 1,000 credits (10 cents per credit)
  • Credits cannot be divided between cards
  • Register your rechargeable game card today at any kiosk & receive 4 FREE game credits. Registered game cards can be replaced with any remaining balances at no cost!

FREQUENTLY ASKED: How many credits per game?

  • While our games vary in credits per play, on average games will cost between 4-12 credits per play.
Gameroom/Arcade Specials

Wednesday Special

  • Half price games! (Example: if a machine typically charges 6 credits per play, on Wednesdays they will only charge 3 credits per play!).   *Other promos, including Sweet Deals, not valid with this special.


PLEASE NOTE: All gameroom/arcade specials, except ½ price games, must be purchased at the game counter. New card charges may apply. Specials are subject to changes and may change at any time without notice.